Standard Security
We provide 24 hour security service, which will prevent unauthorised access to your property, criminal damage and thefts.
We specialise in:

  • Residential & State (land, factories, warehouses)
  • Building Site Security (construction sites)
  • Car Park Management (car parks)

Our services include:

  • CCTV monitoring
  • Alarms
  • Key holding,
  • Manned guards
  • Guardian dogs

We provide our customers with the peace of mind that their properties are safe and secure.

Security by occupation and Guardianship
One way to protect your property is by Live-in Guardians. We can provide reliable and trustworthy people as Live-in Guardians for vacant properties.
The Live-in Guardian will protect your assets from squatting, theft, vandalism and trespassing. More over such a way of protection is very cost efficient. It helps to save up to 80% in comparison to traditional static security.

A Live-in Guardian is not a tenant and hasn’t the same rights as a tenant. All agreements are regulated by licence agreements. The duties of the Guardians are to keep an eye on the property, keep it clean and tidy at all times and report any problems and suspicious behaviour.